Monday, August 11, 2003

The College Daughter called last night from Colorado. It is only a few days until she comes home. Although she will only be home a few days, I cannot wait. I miss her intensely. I feel my eyes sting as I write this. She is ready to come home. The conversation was full of “I love you” and “I miss you guys so much” and “I am so ready to come home”. I said just come today.

The Bible says children are a gift from the Lord. Mine certainly have been. The have all three been special in their own way, and all three of us are close in different ways.
The College Daughter is three quarters of the way out of the door. She still likes to talk to Dad, though, and seeks his advice. She is very earnest in seeking advice, so I am very careful about what I give. It has been wonderful to see her mature into the Godly young woman she is. I miss the girl, of course, but the young woman is wonderful to know. I know that many proud moments are to come with this special young woman. Unfortunately, those must replace the many intimate moments of time together that I had with the girl.
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