Friday, August 01, 2003

Evolutionary psychologists are citing a survey that appears to show that men are naturally more promiscuous than women. The idea is that the desire for more sexual partners is a product of evolution. Some men, of course, like this, for it means they can say I can’t help cheating, I’ve evolved this way!

Predictably, other psychologists and others concerned with women’s rights denigrate the study and claim men are more affected by culture and society and can learn to control themselves. Does this sound familiar?

This is the same argument about homosexuality. Homosexuals and their supporters claim they are made this way and cannot help it. Therefore, we must accept it. But, since support of homosexuals is now politically correct, as opposed to male promiscuity, no one is rushing forward from the scientific community to debunk the theory. If you do, people call you names, such as homophobe or fundamentalist. So, I guess it makes those on the other side of the male promiscuity issue malephobes and female fundamentalists.

I think is shows that science has become as polluted by political correctness as the press.
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