Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Last minute allegations of improper conduct have stalled the vote on Glen Robinson for bishop in the Episcopal Church. This creates a conundrum. You want the complaint to be legitimate. Otherwise dishonest means are being used to fight an honest battle. Sort of like the Texas Democrats. But, if the complaint is genuine, you hate to think of the consequences for the victim and the church.

The Catholics are in the news also. The Pope intends to weigh in on the genetically modified food issue. In case you don’t know, the European Union opposes the sale of genetically modified food. This is largely because the largest seller of the product is the United States. There is little scientific data to support claims that such food is dangerous. Where this becomes very important is Africa. Because the EU opposes genetically modified food, and is a big trading partner of many African nations, they have pressured poor nations in Africa to reject genetically modified food, even when it is free.
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