Sunday, August 03, 2003

Well, Sunday is drawing to a close. I almost always hate to see it end. It was a good day all told. We had a good crowd in Sunday School and grappled with a hard chapter of Isaiah. After class, a fellow told me he was really struggling and needed people to pray for him. He feels God is telling him to make some changes in his life. In response, he is giving up some status items, such as a big house and a country club membership. I admire his willingness to do this. It is harder to adjust down than up.

Cliff Lea came to preach at the worship service. He had been an assistant pastor here before leaving to pastor a church in Corpus Christi. I guess that makes him a leader of the Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi. As usual, his sermon was interesting and challenging. The music was inspiring, although the sound system was a challenge.

Then it was off to lunch at my favorite hamburger place, Chapps, with friends. The usual suspects were there: Mike, Jill, Martha, all from Sunday School. Then the Smiths joined us, recovering from their niece's wedding yesterday. The Little Woman was there, and the Baby. We had a great visit to go along with the hamburger. I appreciate how my friends indulge me by coming to favorite places. Those would be Chapps and Starbucks.

I did make it to Starbucks with the Baby later. The Little Woman went to work. I couldn't muster much energy for anything until about 10:30, then went and walked a mile and a half. Now I'm on the computer trying to cool off enough to go to bed.

As much as I continually miss my kids as they grow up and leave, it is nice to have the time to visit friends over meals or coffee (or juice in some cases). I'm not sure why they put up with me. Whatever the reason, keep up the good work guys and gals. I love you all.
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