Thursday, September 25, 2003

A Colorado federal judge ruled the no call law unconstitutional because it violates the free speach rights of telemarketers. Huh? They have a constitutional right to call you on your private telephone? I don't think so. Can you imagine telling this judge he has to stand still and listen to me tell him what I think if the ruling on grounds that his walking away violates my right of free speach? No, he would say, you might have a right to express yourself, but I have a right to walk away, I have a right to my own privacy. But you don't. Siding salesmen have a constitutional right to invade your home and harangue you with sales pitches and refuse to hang up when you tell them you are eating dinner and you do not want to buy their ugly siding. Excuse me, I have to go look for the duct tape. My head is exploding again.
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