Thursday, September 18, 2003

Fort Worth is going into the oil business! Cowtown might become Rigtown. The city council agreed to pursue hiring an expert to look into the matter. (You have to remember that our city council does not make decisions lightly. I know that agreeing to think about hiring a guy to look at something does not sound too decisive, but that is a big step here. These are the guys and gals that have been debating a toll way in Southwest Fort Worth for 10 years.)
The new mayor, Mike Moncrief, is, of course, related to Moncrief Oil and lives comfortably from that, enabling him to take low paying jobs such as an elected official in Texas. Moncrief showed off his oil knowledge with catchy lingo such as “get your straw in the ground”.

I’m just glad they are thinking of revenue other than taxes and fees.

That is not the case in Seattle, where the city wants to tax any drink made with expresso. No, really. And, not a little tax. No sir, the city wants a ten cent tax on every drink. Of course, Seattle already has a sales tax, so every drink is already taxed. This is an additional tax. Call it a tax penalty for drinking coffee, like the cigarette tax.

John Burbank of the Economic Opportunity Institute (doesn’t the very name make you think this is a guy who wants to take your money and give it to someone else?) says that “If people are willing to spend an extra $3 to get a tall double latte with vanilla flavoring then they should be willing to pay an extra 10 cents for kids.”

Huh? If you work hard and want to spend $3 to relax, you should have to pay a kid for it?

Regular coffee will not be taxed. So, this is a Yuppie tax. I should say another one. There is a socialist behind every bush in America. I mean, I know that is Oregon, but come on.

While roaming around the Internet on this subject, I did stumble on a nice site at I didn’t know there were any, so this is heartening. Give them a click.
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