Friday, September 05, 2003

I guess the Shiite Muslims decided the Sunni Muslims were responsible for bombing their mosque. Gunmen opened fire at a Sunni mosque right after prayers. Some are in denial about the competition between Muslim sects. Walid al-Azari said the gunmen wanted to harm the unity of Islam. Would that be the unity where Sunnis in Iraq brutally suppressed Shiites for decades? Would that be the unity where the two sects routinely bomb and shoot each other in Pakistan? For example, in April 2002, Sunnis bombed a Shiite mosque, purposely planting the bomb in the women’s section, killing 12 women and children. (This is a thing that really bothers me about Muslims. They routinely target women and children for killing.) Would that be the unity where the Taliban blows up schools and homes where they don’t like the behavior of Muslim women? Which unity would that be?
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