Sunday, September 28, 2003

OBSERVATIONS FROM WEEKEND DUTY. I've been stuck with weekend duty this weekend duty. That is where a prosecutor (me) sits in an office and reviews cases for filing after a police department brings them in. There are over 40 police departments in Tarrant County. Here are my observations.

1) Lots of people drink and drive on the weekend, especially after midnight.

2.) Lots of people are willing to zoom through town in several thousand pounds of steel when they cannot stand up without holding on to something, cannot bend back and touch their nose with their index finger, and cannot walk a straight line.

3.) Lots of men beat women on the weekend.

4.) Most domestic violence cases occur when the man is drinking. In many, the woman is drinking, too.

5.) Lots of people drive around with cocaine in their pockets.

6.) Lots of policemen ask drunk drivers questions before they read them their rights.

7.) You cannot get cell phone service in the basement of the courthouse.

8.) People who work in law enforcement have a natural fellowship with each other if they are working the weekend.

9.) It is difficult to spend any time with your wife when you are working days and she is working nights.

10.) My friends still thought of me for lunch even though I missed church. Thanks!
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