Saturday, September 27, 2003

OK, as you can tell, Wesley Clark cracks me up. He is smart enough to know better, but his ego is on the rampage. He does not think we are smart enough to know the difference. Clark versus Bush is the race where he wants us to trade the President who invaded Iraq for the general who invaded Yugoslavia. You remember Yugoslavia. That hotbed of international, well nothing. They were a threat to no one, they just kept fighting the same civil war they had been conducting for hundreds of years with no help from the outside thank you. Just this time, the Slavs were winning instead of the Arabs, so NATO had to invade them. Huh?

By the way, we are still there. You don't read about it in the liberal rags, but we are still there, still spending money, still screwing up, still watching the U. N. stand by while people get killed. We could call it Clark's Quagmire.
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