Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The Road Map for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is approaching a critical point. Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas seeks a showdown with Arafat over control of four security forces. Abbas seeks to control terrorism and move forward with peace. Arafat, the old terrorist, does not want to give up the option. He has declared the Road Map dead.

Israel is tired of the current situation. It wants Abbas to move forward toward peace, or to take control. Abbas seeks a vote of the legislature to decide. The legislature seems reluctant to vote. They do not want to cross Arafat and his party, but do not want to give up on the idea of peace.

I vote for Abbas and Israel. Let the Palestinians decide what they want, peace or war. If they want peace, which will bring prosperity, then pursue it honestly and completely. If you want war, strap it on.

The U.S. should pull the restraints from Israel also. If Palestine wants war, we should let Israel give it to them. I personally think war is the only way to peace. If Israel wins, they should establish control of their country without interference from us or the U. N. If the Arabs win, they will kill or imprison all the Jews and take control that way. Either way, let the countries decide what they want and abide by the results.
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