Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Robert Sloan, still the president of Baylor University, had the best week end in recent memory. First, the regents met and overwhelmingly voted to keep him on. So he must be on the same page as the regents if not the faculty. Even one of the regents who joined in the opposition last week changed sides to vote for Sloan. It has to be an embarrassing moment for the Faculty Senate that voted no confidence in him. Won’t it be fun to see who gets a contract for next year! It has to really make the alumni opponents angry, not to mention Mr. Reynolds, the former president who sounded off in opposition last week. Then, Baylor beat SMU in football. Mr. Sloan must be walking on air. It is only fair that Baylor beat SMU, since it is SMU’s former basketball coach that got Baylor into most of the present hot water. At any rate, Robert Sloan gets the Survivor Of The Week Award.
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