Monday, October 06, 2003

BLACK DEATH AWARDS. I stumbled on a great article in GreenWatchHighlights. I don't think it was reported anywhere else.. Paul Driessen wrote the article reporting on the "Green Power-Black Death Awards" at the recent World Trade Organization meeting in Cancun. These awards were made to point out how the environmental activism of many liberal organizations hurts Third World countries.

First place went to Greenpeace "for leading million dollar coampaigns against energy, pesticides, biotechnology, trade and economic development that could improve or save millions of lives".

The European Union also got an award. A satirical substitute for the EU representative said "I want to thank our African, Asian and Latin American colonies for allowing us to bully them into submission - and letting us live in splendor, while they live in squalor." You might remember that the EU blocks the sale of genetically engineered food produced in the U.S., although it would greatly help feed starving millions in Africa. But, who cares if people die as long as Europe wins one over America?

It is a shame that Africa is often the battle ground for conflicts between the U. S. and France and its toadies, the E.U., while people starve, die of malaria, or get killed, while these larger powers deny them the very things that made us succeed, such as pesticides, food, drugs, and clean water.
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