Tuesday, October 07, 2003

CITIZEN INVOLVEMENT. It is a big day for citizen involvement. First, the California recall is on. The is pure democracy in action. Normally, in a republican form of government, you are stuck with your representatives for set terms. But, in California, if you do not like the governor, you can recall him by popular vote, at least after getting enough signatures on a petition. Liberals, of course, tried to stop the vote, as democracy scares them.

Second, Conservative Episcopalians meet in nearby Plano to discuss their future in their church. About 2600 folks are meeting today. Expect them to send a message to the big meeting later this month to the effect that they will not stay in the church while it violates Biblical principles.

Third, the Fort Worth city council, our local version of the blind leading the blind, is voting tonight on whether to stop police respone to burglar alarms on homes. The proposal is that they would not respond unless their is an eye witness to the burglary. I can hear the 911 call now. "Please come quickly, someone is breaking down my bedroom door!" "Well, ma'am, can anyone verify that? Can anyone see them?" "No, I'm hiding under the bed." "Sorry, can't help you." Our mayor opposes the idea and has had electronic calls made to register opposition. If this passes, I'm going to need more bullets.
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