Wednesday, October 29, 2003

COMEDIANS 'TIL THE END. Jennifer Anniston and Danny DeVito are going to Palestine on a peace mission. This is the funniest thing since Wesley Clark started criticizing the war in Iraq. One person noted that most Palestinians did not have TV or see movies and would not even know who these folks are. Plus, what would Jennifer say? I've made a lot of money playing ditzy, slightly promiscuous blondes, and am also known to have married a real hunk. So listen to me, make peace! And the Palestinians, wearing hoods and scarves and carrying automatic rifles, say, Why oh why didn't we think of that? It took a cute blonde from Hollywood to lead us. Jennifer for Prime Minister!

Sorry, gotta go. I spit coffee on myself laughing. I can't even write anything about Danny DeVito, the image is just too funny.
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