Friday, October 17, 2003

DEATH SENTENCE. Judge George Greer has sentenced Terri Schiavo to die. Her crime is suffering a severe brain injury and having a husband who wants her to die. The sentence is death by starvation. The Judge has ordered Terri's feeding tube removed at the request of her husband.

Terri's husband has been living with another woman for years and has a child by her. He wants his wife dead. Her parents and siblings want her alive. The parents and siblings have volunteered to take charge of Terri's care.

Terri is not a ward of the state. A fund from a lawsuit pays for her care, minus the $600,000 her husband has spent on attorney fees trying to have her killed.

Who gets the money in the fund when Terri dies? Why doesn't the husband just get a divorce?

It might take Terri a week or even two to starve to death or dehydrate.

The parents have asked the Governor to intervene.

Why do we need to kill her? If she has funds to be cared for, and people who will care for her, doctors who say she isn't vegetative, why can't she live? Who does it hurt? Why does her husband get to say she must die? Where are the women's rights groups on this?

Does this trouble you at all?
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