Sunday, October 19, 2003

FOOD NEWS.David Blaine, magician, has ended his 40 plus days in a box with no food. This was not for some cause, but to make money and publicity. It did reveal interesting things about the British. Women ran naked under the box for him to see, and took off their shirts. I guess there is something sexy about fasting. Or maybe there is something sexy about knowing he is projected to make $5 million off the deal by writing a book and other things. Others cooked food and threw eggs at the box. What is the British term for trailer trash?

Also in food news, that paragon of moral virtue, Pamela Sue Anderson, is protesting the treatment of chickens by KFC. I think that means other than eating them. Some people think she has these chickens confused with the Dixie Chicks, who appeared naked for animal rights. PETA seems to have some connection t ditsy blondes in show business. Hopefully, they are kind to them. But, Pamela knows a lot about animals. She was married to Tommy Lee.
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