Tuesday, November 18, 2003

CHRISTIAN? RADIO. I have not had a good last few days on Christian radio. There are two stations here in competition and another trying. The first is KLTY, a commercial station. I gave them up long ago, as you could not tell they were Christian except for their self promotion. The songs were vague love songs. Then they began playing old pop songs remade by so called Christian groups. How about a song by the drug addled Joe Cocker? Do you find that uplifting. Then came the arrangements of old Beatles songs. I bailed.

The other main station is KCBI. It is owned by Criswell Communications, an arm of Criswell College, an arm of First Baptist Church of Dallas, formerly pastored by, you guessed it, Dr. Criswell. I detect a theme. Regardless, it has been a pretty good station, more conservative than KLTY. They have a mix of music,news, talk shows, and preachers. KLTY is all music.

KCBI maintains that it is non-commercial, although they sneak in a plug for commercial sponsors at most every opportunity. For example, the news is brought to you by some company, the traffic by another, and so on. But, I could live with that, even though they might be more accurate in their description of themselves.

But, the last few days have been a problem. First, Sunday morning I get in the car and turn on KCBI as usual, only to hear the announcer say let's come home to Christmas, and then hear a flowery version of White Christmas! No, it is not a rascist song, but it is not Christian either. Not to mention that I do not want to hear Christmas music for two months, but that is probably just me.

Then, on the way home today, I hear another song. The guy keeps singing "you can dream". I do not remember that part of the Bible. God saved you so you can dream? I thought the goal was to find God's will and do it. It smacks of that old self help gospel. God saved you so you can reach your full potential, so dream. There is another one, by the Martins, that tells you to dream big. Maybe they think that is what God meant in Joel when he said your men will dream dreams and see visions.

Then tonight, on the way to pick up the Baby from her Bible study, I hear Tony Evans preaching. He preached the give to get gospel. God says to give what you want and he will give you more of it. Oh no! I thought only those Word of Faith guys, the prosperty gospel folks preached that, and here it is on KCBI. I freaked.

Tomorrow I think I will listen to jazz. At least I know what to expect.
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