Tuesday, November 25, 2003

LEGACY. Chuck Colson points out that C. S. Lewis died on the same day as John Kennedy. He got lost in the shuffle, did he not. Kennedy is celebrated, disected, and remembered. Who remembers C. S. Lewis? Well, many Christians do. His book and articles left a great impression. Many read and re-read his works. Kennedy is now seen as a handsome rich guy who cheated on his wife, failed to unseat Castro, and really did not accomplish much of anything other than popularity. His presidency is more a tribute to his father's determination than his own acumen. Face it, he left behind wood, hay, and straw. But Lewis spent his later years pursuing God and making him known. He left behind refined gold that continues to open hearts for the Lord. It would be great to slip off into eternity knowing you left behind something that the Lord would use for his glory.
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