Monday, November 10, 2003

OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES. "Mommy, this is nasty." These comments, reported by the Fort Worth Star Telegram, came from a 9 year old girl watching Britney Spears tape her new ABC special.

A few minutes later, the perceptive 9 year old said "It's just stripping."

That is what the music video business has become. Stripping. And yes, little girl, it is nasty, and your mother should not have taken you to see it and the rest of us should not watch it and should write ABC and complain.

ABC continues its assault on traditional values with this show. They tried to assault Ronald Reagan, but the protests backed them down. They have been on a rampage against Christianity, producing shows under the guise of documentary which only present the critiques of Christianity.

If only they didn't have Alias, I would never watch the network.
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