Wednesday, November 19, 2003

THE PRESIDENT SPEAKS. President Bush is speaking this morning in the U.K. He pointed to the common heritage and ideals of the U.S. and U.K. He complimented the bravery of the sons and daughters of England and said the old alliance is strong.

The President has received several strong rounds of applause. He also received a good laugh when he reminded the crowd that the last president to visit Buckingham Palace was Woodrow Wilson, who also received derision from the French. Wilson came to present his 14 points for peace. The French Prime Minister whined that even God only had 10 commandments. President Bush said "sounds familiar" and the crowd laughed.

The President presented three pillars for peace. First, international organizations that are up to the challenge. This implied that the U.N. is not up to the challenge, especially when he said we must respond to danger with more than resolutions. Second, the use of restrained force when necessary. Third, a commitment to open democracy.

Bush also pointed out the arrogance of those in the West who say that Arabs do not want freedom and economic security. He rejects the idea that one fifth of the world's people are unfit for self government. That brought a round of applause. (Of course, we know that the left does in fact not want personal freedom and self government, but big, centralized government that controls every element of our lives. We also know they will kill those who oppose them when they can, for history has taught us.)

The President says we now have only two options: to keep our word or break our word. But he said, our will is firm and our word is good. I love this guy.

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