Thursday, November 20, 2003

THE REAL JIHAD? Front Page Magazine has an interesting article claiming that the bombing in Saudi Arabia was not directed at Muslims, but at Lebanese Christians working and living in the kingdom. Given the bombing of Jewish sites, the attack on Christians seems likely. It will be ironic if, despite all of Islam's accusations against the President for crusading against Muslims, the Muslims themselves bring their religious crusade out in the open by attacking other religions head on. I do not think that Muslims here and in countries loosely allied with us want that, because they do not want to see a huge Christian backlash. They can threaten Jews and get away with it, for many people do not identify with that struggle. But, if Christians become the prime targets, much more fallout is likely. The better watch out. We might send them Paige Patterson. He knows how to mobilize opinion, marshall the troops, and defeat his enemies. Plus, given his speeding history, he could get over there really fast. I think if you could conquer the Southern Baptist Convention, Al Qaeda should be a picnic.
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