Tuesday, November 25, 2003

SELF ABASEMENT. It always amazes me how much people will abase themselves to get on camera. For years, fat people and old people have taken embarrassing roles in sitcoms and commercials. Often, the only point of the role is to ridicule the person's appearance, age, or other feature. Now, rich people join the act. Paris Hilton evidently decided that she does not have her picture taken enough at all the parties and events she attends. She is now on a tv show, living with a rural family, and acting stupid and out of place so Americans can laugh at her. I guess debasing herself with a sex video just was not enough. She needs more! Please, make me look stupid to millions of people, she cries. Let me look vain, vapid, and ignorant. I want to be humiliated. Just let it be in front of a camera I beg you.
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