Thursday, November 20, 2003

SMOOTH CRIMINAL. Michael Jackson has returned to face criminal charges, posting this three million in bail. MJ was in Las Vegas, but the District Attorney said "I WANT YOU BACK." MJ did not BEAT IT, but returned to face the music. It could be DANGEROUS and it will certainly be BAD. He faces up to 8 years in prison. MJ said he is innocent, that things are not BLACK AND WHITE and he just needs ONE MORE CHANCE! I guess it is just HUMAN NATURE in these type of cases, but a lot of people outside of California think the guy is creepy.

MJ's family and attorney scrambled to his defense, producing a few comical results. Brother Jermaine Jackson said "My brother is not eccentric". OK JJ, he lives on a ranch with a zoo and a merry go round. He entertains smally boys without their parents, despite having to pay off millions in 1994 to prevent one from testifying. He has bleached the color out of his skin and had so much facial surgery his nose has disappeared. What would it take for you to think he is eccentric? How about that, at this last court appearance, he giggled and made faces during his testimony? Maybe eccentric is too mild a word.
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