Tuesday, November 18, 2003

THINGS I LEARNED AT STARBUCKS. So I was at Starbucks last night, picking up my nightly libation and dropping off supper for Daniel, when I observed two TCU co-eds trying to order. I say trying, because it was obviously difficult for them. Neither seem to have the attention span to get through the process. I don't know if it was because they were both dumber than a bag of hammers, which is the impression they gave, or distracted by worry that their way to low cut jeans would simply fall off, or if they were thinking deep academic thoughts.

That situation, however, set me to thinking about the young people I know. I had a house full of them this week for Disciple Now weekend, 8th grade boys. Plus, the College Daughter was home briefly before going off to be a counselor for Disciple Now. Plus, I know lots of others through church and The Baby.

All in all, I see a lot of hope for the world in that generation. I often feel bad that most of the legacy of my generation is free sex, drugs, and Bill Clinton. Yes, I know that statement was redundant. But, I see a lot of great Christians in this younger generation. God is working. It is my prayer, and my hope, that He has not abandoned America to its self indulgence (not counting Starbucks, of course) and sensuality and is instead working in this younger generation to bring about a great revival. I pray for that and I pray for them. Please join me.
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