Saturday, December 20, 2003

BAD DAY FOR DEMS, GREAT DAY FOR BUSH AND REPUBLICANS! Yet another bad news day came for the Dems today, as they were hammered on several fronts. First, on the local front, the Dem's challenge to Texas redistricting suffered a double blow as the Justice Department passed the plan and the court held it was legal. The Starlegram called it a "huge blow to Democrats in Texas and nationwide". Of course, the process is not over, as they will appeal to higher courts, but you always hate to lose a round in a high profile case. Texas has been gerrymandered for years to benefit certain dems, but no one want to talk about that now, only that the Republicans did it in mid-decade. The new alignment would give the Republicans more seats to reflect the gains in Republican voting. This is also a great win for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

The second blow came with the news that Libya will abandon its weapons of mass destruction in response to the President's policies and diplomacy. I'm sure we will hear Mad Dog Dean spew out that it is a coincidence, but we know the victory in Iraq, the sanctions against Libya, and the continued firmness of the President have lead this country to abandon its belligerance and live in peace.

In case Doc Dean is having hard time keeping score while criticing the President's foreign policy, that is (1) victory of the Taliban; (2) victory over Iraq; (3) Libya admits fault and pays restitution in the Lockerbie bombing; and (4) Libya gives up its WMD program. That sounds like a good record to me.

It that same period, Dean has flip flopped on positions, misrepresented the statements of others, maintained sealed files of his past position in Vermont, and received support of a guy who claimed to invent the internet and exaggerated his involvement in Vietnam.

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