Tuesday, December 16, 2003

DEAN DIES. In contrast to Joe Lieberman, Doc Dean has not been able to simply let the good news dog lie, he had to kick it. I like the fact that John Kerry has basically accused Dean of having multiple personality disorder, saying "there are many Howard Deans". Unless, of course, he meant the doc has moved forward on cloning.

Dean has moved to the front of the demo pack by opposing the war. This bodes well. The majority of Americans favored the war and believed Bush did the right thing. So you could see why the dems want to back the opposition. It's like saying "that horse lost the race, let's buy it!"

Dean continues on a losing tirade in his speach to the Pacific Council on Monday. He said the President's domestic policy is a recipe for economic disaster. Yet, all economic indicators are up. Even the stock market, which I do not think is a valid indicator, is up to 10,000! Inflation has remainded down. Housing starts are up. New jobs are coming on line.

Dean also said we could not afford to fail on the issue of national security. I agree and believe you have to vote for the President to secure it. The dems let the Arabs attack our embassies, residences, bases, and ships with no retaliation. They let Osama go when they had the chance to arrest him. So, it is hard to believe the former governor of Vermont is going to keep us safe. Especially since he brings up the issue to complain but does not offer an alternative. And how could he? The current plan is working perfectly - no attacks, remember? So, what could he do but carp about it? Nothing - which is what he is doing.

Here is a Dean promise that should scare you. He promises he will work to restore knowledge that comes from first rate intelligence undiluted by ideology. That is, we would have lots of smarts but no values. No thanks.

Dean makes the mistake of most liberals when he says America's influence is lessened because we did not get the French and Germans to help. We have more influence than ever, for we have shown that we mean what we say and we stand up for what we believe. Sure the French do not like us much. But, the Arabs respect us. They did not respect us when we let them attack us without reprisal, or when we left our men and women in captivity in Iran for a year. Contrast that, by the way, with the capitalist who went in and got his people while the inept, but Nobel Prize winning, president let Americans be imprisoned and tortured by a bunch of smelly college kids.

Dean's campaign slogan should be "Vote For Dean. Create an America the French will love."
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