Monday, December 08, 2003

DICK'S HATBAND IS STILL TOO TIGHT. Candidate Gephardt, as usual criticizing the President, says " a foreign policy that drives away natural allies in the war against terrorism does the country no good". He has it backwards. When a country is under attack, as ours has been, its allies are revealed. Those who rally to its side in support are allies. Those that do not are not. France is not our ally. They oppose us and our policies all over the globe. So we should not be surprised when they did not support us. We were, but that is American naivete. We think people remember what we did for them long ago. But politics is a what have you done for me lately game.

Gephardt also said theat domestic security had been shortchanged. How short of change is $100 billion? That is what has been spent on domestic security. And here is the real kicker. There has been no further attack on the U. S. since September 11. Sounds like good work to me.

Dick, loosen up the hatband. The blood is not flowing to your brain.
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