Saturday, December 06, 2003

NYT DISGRACE. It has been a bad year for the Times. They have made up stories, used stories or so called facts for criticism long after they were proven false, their columnists have been caught in numerous falsifications, but they are not done yet! Now they have published an obituary of a person who is alive. The worse part is the violation of journalistic principles. They stole the story from the Daily Telegraph without attribution. They also did not check their sources. Did these guys go to journalism school? I did not, by the way, and even I know a newspaper is supposed to do that. Is it not plagerism when you steal a story without attribution? The NYT needs to do serious soul searching. Sloppiness is one thing. Dishonesty is another, and it is obviously rampant at the Times. I really do not know how one can continue to take it seriously.
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