Monday, December 15, 2003

WEEKEND WARRIORS. This weekend we attended the state championship football game. The Baby goes to North Crowley High School and they played Bay City High School. (Isn’t that where Saved By The Bell was filmed? I kept Looking for Zach, but never saw him.) Anyway, our team has never won more than three games in a year, and lost four of the first five this year, before going on a 10 game winning streak. How does this happen? I do not know. I do not think they know, either.

It was a first for us. I have never attended a school, high school or college, where we had a winning record. When I was at Texas A&M, our team was so bad that, instead of kissing on touchdowns, we kissed on first downs. I still only got kissed about 3 times.

So, it was very exciting. It was also exciting to play at Kyle Field for the championship. If the Aggies will not win there, at least NCHS did.

The best thing was to watch the jubilation at the end. The football players hugged, turned cartwheels, and yelled. The band, cheerleaders, and high school kids ran on the field and congratulated them, and danced around in celebration. Winning creates great unity and identification. Everyone was “one” with the team and the celebration.

I usually only go to the football game to watch and cheer for the band, so it has been a new and great experience to watch the team win and yell for them. I am very hoarse. I am not sure my voice will hold up to a good team as well as a good band.

Yes, I know they caught Saddam in his hidey hole. But, if the Fort Worth Star Telegram could make this its headline instead of Saddam, so can I.

And yes, I did announce the Band from Kyle Field and, yes, it was great to be in the Aggie press box yelling over the microphone for the Mighty Panther Band.

Sometimes life is actually fun.
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