Thursday, January 15, 2004

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Carole Moseley Braun has quit the presidential campaign trail and endorsed Howard Dean after failing to muster more than 3 percent of any vote. CMB is the one term senator about whom it was once said "her middle name is campaign finance irregularity".

In July 2003 she said "I can win the Democratice nomination." (Chicago Sun Times by Steve Neal).


Here is my other favorite CMB quote: Your librarian now has to turn you in if you check out the wrong book.


CMB as leader of the country? Not. The voters evidently agree. It is interesting, though, that black voters are not voting for black candidates. Braun is gone and Sharpton has not done well. He did finish second in the contest. But Blacks appear to be voting for the one guy who may not know any Black people. Howard Dean appointed no Blacks and said basically there were none in Vermont to appoint. Do they find that comforting. Or is the real crux that Dean has staked out the far left and that is where most Blacks land?

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