Tuesday, January 20, 2004

GOOD NEWS. FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has reversed himself and decided the "F word" cannot be used in broadcasting. This is after receiving approximately 1.5 million e-mails. Thanks to the American Family Association for leading the effort.

Remember having a transistor radio as a kid. I would lay awake in bed at night (yes I had insomnia even then) and listen to the radio, going up and down the dial to see what was there. Now, I am afraid to let my kids do that for what they might hear. (as in Howard Stern)

Our morning radio shows are very bad here in the Metroplex. Lots of sex talk especially. I keep my radio set on the two Christian stations for the drive in, either listening to christian music or a message. It also keeps me calm for the drive in, making it less likely I will kill anyone.

On this morning's drive, I saw someone had defaced the Trinity Valley school sign. They had written the "F" word, mispelled, on the sign, and tagged it with their symbol. Tagging is the teenage equivalent to a dog peeing to mark its territory. The kid usually has a symbol to represent himself and sprays it on any available surface, along with any comments he wants to make. The Taggers often know each other, so it brags to the other Taggers that they have committed this particular act of vandalism.

I hope this guy's symbol soon becomes a fellow in an orange jumpsuit looking through bars (not like Cheers, but like jail).
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