Thursday, January 15, 2004

NOT THE BEST BUY. I finally got the e-mail to work. The Little Woman had 84 e-mails waiting for her, mostly from people she bought stuff from or who want her to buy more stuff. Help! But, buried in this treasure trove was an e-mail from Best Buy wanting me to take a survey on my recent experience with them. Allllriiiight!

So I did. It was a terrible experience. They charged me a lot and did not do anything I couldn't. Then I had to do it over. The killed my network adapter and erased my drivers. The e-mail would not work and the computer kept locking up, saying it did not have enough memory.

I tried to be honest and truthful but yet not use the word "suck". The Little Woman does not like me to use "suck" as a perjorative, even when applicable to Best Buy or Circuit City (which ripped me off on rebates). She also does not like "fart" or "butt" very much. So, I am trying to be polite. Also, people who read my blog sometimes call her or e-mail to tell her what I said.


So I told them I was "very dissastisfied". That was actually in the choices. "We suck!" was not one of the choices. So, I did not have to worry too much about being offensive.

Until I came to the comment box. Temptation loomed. But I am a Sunday School teacher. And the Little Woman sometimes reads the blog. Like if she is really bored and there are no Mary Higgins Clark novels in the house. And E-Bay has nothing left to sell.

So, I was good. I told them in an honest and open manner how it was and that I was "unhappy". I never even said "pissed off". Did I mention she does not like "pissed off" either?

Sometimes the kids will say one of these things. When the Little Woman scolds them, they say "Dad says it!".


So, I'll let you know if Best Buy replies. I wonder if they read the blog. If so, they will probably be, uh, very dissatisfied.

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