Friday, February 06, 2004

The annual pilrimage to Mecca is going on now, with Muslims making the mandatory march to Mecca. This has been an even more spectacular year than most. This year, during the annual stone the devil rock throw, 244 people were killed in only 27 minutes. This makes the war with Iraq pale doesn't it?

Part of the frenzy may have come because someone wrote "USA" on one of the pillars and the crowd surged forward to throw stones at it, making the USA not only Saudi Arabia's biggest ally, but the greatest satan. Thanks guys!

I think we should pull out and let the Saud family go it alone. We could have a betting pool I don't think they'd last 2 years.

We are the only hated ones. Europe appears to be warming up for round 2. At a recent soccer game against Israel, the peaceable Belgium fans shouted "death to Jews" and "Jews to the gas chamber".

It's too bad those Belgians don't go to Mecca.
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