Friday, February 20, 2004

HAITI NEWS. The U. S. has advised the 20,000 Americans in Haiti to leave as the insurrection grows. Most of the rebellion is to drive out Aristide. You might remember that they ran him off before, but he was restored to power through military intervention by President Clinton. It was a unilateral action and people were killed, but no one protested. I guess that is because they called in Jimmy Carter. That always makes it ok. I guess Jimmy and Bill are 0 for 2 if you look at Haiti and North Korea and they deals they made.

While you are thanking God you do not live in Haiti, where living standards are lower than anywhere in the world except the sub Sahara, pray for Terry Snow. He is a missionary from Grandbury, Texas, our neighbor to the south. Most of the 20,000 Americans in Haiti are missionaries. It seems the only Americans willing to go there were sent by either God or the U.S. government.
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