Thursday, February 26, 2004

ON THE ROAD AGAIN. The Little Woman and I went down to Texas A & M to see the College Daughter perform with the concert band. It was a lot of fun. It is always good to see my daughter. She is such a good kid and lots of fun to be with. An added bonus was to take her and two friends to lunch. We had a great visit. Plus, I always assume new people have not heard my old jokes. BONUS!

Traveling down I-35 did bring these observations. First, Texas highways are junky. When you drive through Mississippi, all you see if big, beautiful pine trees. When you drive through Texas, you see automobile salvage yards full of junk cars. In addition, you see abandoned, decaying buildings, abandoned farm equipment, and just assorted, well, garbage. It is as if everyone in Texas had too much stuff and dumped it next to I-35. Why does it have to be right there where we can see it?

Second, people in the country do not paint their buildings. They just sit there until they rot, then they sit there longer until they fall down. Traveling Texas Highway 6 is a study in the rate of decomposition of “out buildings”. Are these the same people that own the junk car yards?

Third, only the government would put out signs on the highway that warn you of men working, and that fines are double, when you cannot see anyone working anywhere.
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