Monday, March 15, 2004

DANCING WITH THE DEVIL. My heart goes out to Spain at the time of this terrible loss. Unfortunately, Spainards have given Islamic Terrorists a great victory. By voting out the government that supported America, they have taken the path of Europe: salvation by avoidance. It will not work, for the avoidance of conflict with Islamic Arabs only helps the short term goal of Islamic Arabs, neutralizing allies of the United States.

The long term goal of Islamic Arabs is that of Pinky and The Brain: to take over the world. When they have conquered the confronters, like the United States, they will come for the avoiders. Sadly, there will be no one to defend them.

This efficient act of terrorism has paid huge dividends, to the harm of the rest of the world. The reaction of Spain tells the Muslims that terrorism works, that the West really is as soft as they think. The glee of the terrorists must sound like the howling of demons tonight as they celebrate their victory over Spain. As grievous as the loss of life is, Spain has traded its dignity for 200 lives. They should put out a sign on the border that says "Welcome Back Moors".

Sadly, also, is that the terrorists will be further convinced that America will fall if they just use the right attack. I think that could work if John Kerry becomes president, for I think he will avoid conflict as Clinton did to keep things looking rosy at home. But, it may again rouse the sleeping dog that is American patriotism, and result in conflagration. Remember Osama, Japan thought we would go away after Pearl Harbor. Instead, we dropped a bomb.

To Spain, I grieve your loss. To the outgoing administration, I thank you for your staunch support in our time of need. To the new administration and the majority of voters in Spain, I'm sorry we can no longer call you allies.
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