Friday, March 12, 2004

GO MELVIN GO. A & M basketball coach of sorts, Melvin Watkins, resigned. It was a little like the guy who leaves out the back door and sneaks out of town after dark while the lynch mob is walking down the street with torches and a rope. MW finished his season at 7-21. The A & M basketball program is to basketball what the Titanic is to sailing. Remember Tony Barone? Remember Shelby Metcalf, the world's longest tenured losing coach? It is a disgrace. A & M should either hire a real coach or quit the program. I could go either way.

When Gene Stallings coached at A & M, there were signs around campus that said "Go Gene Go, anywhere, just go!" Bye Melvin. It's a hard business. My other personal favorite sign was "Gene Stallings for president. Anyone else for coach." Gene ran the tree and out offense. They ran three times up the middle for no gain and then punted. It was so bad, Aggies took to kissing on first downs instead of touchdowns. I still hardly ever kissed a date. I could have written a book: I kissed kissing good bye.

So, of course they are looking for a new coach that is different from all others and a throw back to an earlier era. Joe Scott of Air Force, that plays run out the clock basketball. I'm trying to image Joe in Houston trying to recruit run and gun high school players saying, Well, you won't shoot much, we won't score much, but you should come here. It rains a lot.

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