Sunday, March 07, 2004

JOHN MCCAIN IS AN AGGIE. In this writing about how to be brave, McCain offers this advice I heard frequently in the Aggie Band: Suck it up! In Aggie parlance, it meant quit whining, finish the job, be a man. It is not prosaic, but it is something America can use.

The Baby and I laugh about a speech given by a young black woman at her school on Martin Luther King Day. The girl kept repeating a hook line that black people were beat down by white people. The only problem was the girl was wearing an expensive Tommy Hilfiger outfit and lived in a nice neighborhood. We wrote a counter speech, ok I did, that was titled "You Ain't Beat Down". Now I could write a sequel and call it:

Suck It Up.

That is my advice to people everywhere. I'm on board with McCain for the first time ever. If you have problems, suck it up. Finish the job. Bear the pain. Be a man. Or a woman. No, I don't mean you can choose which, I mean it applies to both.

Now I have to apply this to myself. I start the job transition tomorrow. I hate transitions. Suck it up. I have to bounce between two jobs and two places. Suck it up. I won't have a real office at the new place until the old guy leaves. You guessed it.

I feel better already.

Go and do likewise.

Yes, I know the Little Woman does not like me to use that word.
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