Friday, March 12, 2004

ROLLER BALL. I'm in a sports mood. It probably means I'm trying not to think about all the work I have to do. Todd Bertuzzi will have lots of time to think. He is suspended for attacking an opposing player during a game. He slugged Steve Moore from behind and drove him head first into the ice. Moore suffered two broken vertebrae and deep cuts on his face. He is out for the season. It was evidently a retaliation hit. Moore previously put Bertuzzi's team mate, gave him a concussion, and put him out for three games.

The NHL suspended Bertuzzi for the rest of the season.

Hockey is to America what the gladiators and the Christians were to Rome, brutal exhibitions of violence to entertain the blood thirsty masses. Only the gladiators wear big, bulky pajamas with helmets. They carry big sticks with which to hit each other. Peiodically, they take off their big gloves and grab each other and throw wild punches like drunken sailors. It is a great game. People love it. They also rent Rollerball and watch it on off nights.
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