Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Ever have one of those days where you feel like this? I hope you don't. But if you do, here's something the Lord gave me to share.

Woke up today - already tired
My brain has a sign that could read "expired"

A jumble of thoughts that just don't connect
My plan for the day is circumspect

Things slip through my hands and land on the floor
The easiest task becomes a huge chore

So many who don't want to do their job
Lack of help from others just feels like a mob

Overwhelmed by things great and small
I look for a door and find only a wall

The stress meter reads at level red
The best answer seems to go back to bed

I call out to my Master and plead for flight
He answers with Words that are truthful and right

Where is your sword, your helmet, your shield?
Did I not tell you this life is a battle field?

Look at these trials that you currently face
Did I not say that you would have hurdles in this race?

My grace is sufficient, it is My strength you need
On your own, you will fumble, but with Me you'll succeed

It is My glory that matters, it is Me you must trust
For all else is dirt and ashes and rust

It is faith that I credit, it is power you receive
Give me all of your burdens, and then just believe

I have wisdom to deal with any frustration
After all, am I not the LORD of Creation?

Give way to My plan, and know Who I am.
The Father who loves you and shepherds His lamb.
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