Monday, April 26, 2004

THE BABY IS 17! How did this happen? I am checking my records to see if this is really correct. Last time I checked, she was 6. Actually, I am acutely aware of her age and what it means to my life. She has become a wonderful young woman, pretty, smart, and most important, spiritual. I am really proud of her and, more than proud, thankful to God for giving me the stewardship of this wonderful person. I found out yesterday she will be one of the speakers on the youth mission trip, so I know God will continue to use her.

She asked me yesterday if I missed my daughters being young children. I told her no. I enjoyed that time, and there are days I would like to go back and re-live certain fun times. But, the trick to life is to enjoy each stage as it comes. That applies to your life and to the life of your children. Enjoy them as babies, enjoy them as teenagers, enjoy them as adults. I do, and I enjoy conversing with my older children as adults.

For example, the College Daughter came home for the birthday celebrations. We were the only ones home Friday night and most of Saturday, and had a wonderful time being together and talking. Most of our conversations end up eventually in theology of some sort. Often, we are wondering about the same issues. We had a great talk. Thank you sweet heart, it was great to have you home.

I may have shocked her a bit to say I thought the Catholic view of birth control may be right as opposed to the Protestant view, but that is a work in progress.

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