Sunday, April 18, 2004

BRING BACK DUELING. Yuppies of Zion advocates the return of dueling, or at least recognizes the problem. I think dueling should be legal. There should be some way to protect your honor. If you are dishonored, you must put up or shut up. I remember suffering dishonor at the hands of a minor church staff member some years ago. The church staff protected him, so there was not way to really make a statement. I started telling all my friends they should bring back dueling, so I could avenge my honor. I would even let him pick the weapons. He left town for several weeks. I did not feel restored, but at least everyone acknowledged that he, at least, was not willing to stand and take the heat for his weasly actions. Later he moved to California, which kind of caps it.

I think dueling is out of favor, because sometimes the wrong guy, at least in public opinion, wins. It all goes back to that Alexander Hamilton thing. He dueled, he lost. The world whines. Sigh.
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