Thursday, April 29, 2004

GUNS INTO PLOWSHARES. If you want to weaken our military (and who wouldn't in our peace filled world), John Kerry is your man. Go here to read Kim duToit's compilation of Kerry's rather extensive and impressive record of voting to cut military spending and prevent the development of new weapons. Kerry wants to divert money from the military and send it to social programs. You know, refuse to develop a new attack helicopter and open dental clinics in Appalachia. It just sounds better, doesn't it? We have made a real difference in people's lives, giving them the ability to chew effectively, but only on vegetables, they signed an agreement not to eat meat unless the animals died of natural causes in peaceful surroundings and had no surviving relatives and no broccoli was available.

Of course, living makes a great difference in people's lives. You can't chew much in a coffin, or with your body blown to bits from a terrorist attack. But, we can count on the French to protect us! And the Canadians! Hello, this is America. We need your help. Hello, hello?

Speaking of despicable Canadians, they are now back on top my list. They voted to outlaw the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality as hate speech. I hate that. Is that hate speech? Do you have to actually hate for it to be hate speech, or is it just "hateful" as my mother used to say, meaning she didn't like it? I'll research this and get back to you. It does, however, look like I won't be going to Canada on vacation either.
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