Thursday, April 15, 2004

HELLO FROM HOUSTON. Hello, everyone, from downtown Houston. I am in Kava Kanes. There is no Stabucks in downtown Houston that stays open after 6pm. What's up with that Starbucks? Anyway, we went tonight to a great seafood restaurant, Massa's, across from the Four Seasons Hotel. I had a great grilled salmon. The manager, a cute, pregnant red head, kept coming to the table and talking. I asked her about Starbucks, but she told me about this place. The hotel has a couple of courtesy cars, so I got one to bring us here. And guess what? They have computers with internet service. Yes! So, while I am drinking a latte the size of a goldfish bowl, I am blogging. LIVE FROM HOUSTON, IT'S LARRY!!!

I have been studiously attending sessions for the health law conference while the Little Woman lounges around in the luxurious hotel. When we arrived, they offered us a suite for $30 more, so I took it. Is she spoiled or what. So, while I am studying, she is having breakfast in bed, swimming, working out, soaking in the hot tub, watching movies, and generally acting like she is a princess in a spa.

I have met some interesting people, though. Several lawyers from deep carpet firms, people that run companies that own chains of hospitals, doctors, and the concierge guy.

The music in this coffee shot is different than my usual. It sounds like early '70s rock, with better sound, and a mix of techno. Well, you just have to be here.

Tomorrow it is half a day of conference, then drive to College Station. The Baby is still in Cowtown, and is flying in. She is flying by herself for the first time, and get this, on American Eagle. In case you have never flown with them, AE is to airlines what Yugo is to cars. The have prop planes. They are loud, they vibrate, they are hot. Poor kid. The only thing I can say is THE LITTLE WOMAN BOOKED THE FLIGHT, NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see her walk off the plane.
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