Friday, April 09, 2004

HOWDY YA'LL. The College Daughter tells me that some of her friends have begun reading my blog. Welcome aboard. I am humbled and, (well ok I'm not humbled but everyone says that when something neat happens...why do they do that? Except Mohammed Ali who was really Cassius Clay but you know that Arab thing, everyone is old so and so who is also known as this and that, but anyway he always said he was the greatest, never that he was humbled, yet everyone liked him. Well, at least until he started mumbling all the time, but that was some disease wasn't it, so we shouldn't hold it against him) and baffled. Why would college students want to read this blog. My suspicion is that it is not my political insight or my charming Calvinism, but rather my offbeat since of humor. Sometimes living in an alternative universe pays off!

For example, the Baby has a friend named Ruth. I can use her real name because she does not know blogs exist. Ruth lives in the Ruthiverse, a special place only she knows. She also has super powers, for she can pass back and forth between our univere and the Ruthiverse at will, and we never know when she leaves. But we always know when she comes back, because she will say something to show she has been gone. Recently we were engaged in our Sunday night ritual of watching Alias, which we have been doing since the first episode. I am there, the Baby is there, the Baby's boyfriend (Tall Guy), and Ruth. About half way into the episode, Ruth said "So, she is like some kind of spy or something, huh."

We all turned to look at her and in unison sang "Do do do do" which, if you do not have sound on your computer is part of the theme song for Twilight Zone.

But, I admit I feel this way when I read about Canada and Canadians. I find myself saying stuff like "So, they are some kind of Frenchmen aren't they?"
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