Sunday, April 18, 2004

I'M BACK. Or, as my neighbors would say, HEEE'SSS BAAAAAACK!!! I don't understand it, really, but as soon as drove in, all the kids disappeared from their yards and my next door neighbors got in their car and drove off. Probably a coincidence.

Anyway, paranoia aside, I just got back from this trip: Fort Worth to Houston, Houston to College Station, College Station to Fort Worth. Things I noted on the road: first, there are no Starbucks on I-45. Really, there is not much of anything until you get to Huntsville. Then, there is a prison and a Walmart. The Walmart is the blue one, by the way. The prison has better landscaping. And a fountain. I wonder why they need a fountain. Is it to torture the prisoners? Otherwise, they would look out of their cells onto I-45 and think they have it better.

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