Friday, April 09, 2004

JOCK SHOCKED. Shock Jock Howard Stern has gotten what he asked for, but now that he has it, he does not want it. Stern's purpose for existence is to present programming that the average, moral person finds offensive and shocking. That is why they call him a shock jock. Stern has become quite successful. He not only has made a lot of money and become a celebrity of sorts (the same sort as the bearded lady and 600 pound man at the carnival), but has shocked and offended a multitude.

So, the jock should not be shocked that offended people have taken offense. A multitude complained to the FCC about the language and sexual content. The FCC fined his employer, who took him off the air. Stern whined that the Administration persecuted him for criticizing the President. First of all, criticism from Stern would just affirm to most of the President's supporters that the is doing the right thing. Second, it is just a sign of success and accomplishment by Stern. He should great, I've reached my objective. This proves how offensive I am.

And Howard, quit whining.
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