Thursday, April 29, 2004

MORE CORRUPTION AT THE UNITED NATIONS. A huge portion of the contracts in the oil for food program has disappeared. What an incredible coincidence! I suggest having Hillary Clinton look for them. She was so good at finding those billing records. Maybe if she put her mind to it, they would just magically appear on a table in her office! Poof! Oil for food contracts from the United Nations. The other alternative would be to appoint a commission at the U.N. to study the problem. The could call it the Exalted Commission For The Investigation of Mysteriously Missing Documents. The could appoint a Most High Commissioner of the Exalted Commission For the Investigation of Mysteriously Missing Documents and appoint someone from Sweden or Norway to be the head of it. He would need a uniform with a sash. He would have a great resume, with experience on the European Union Committee of Manipulation of Grain Prices in Africa. He would obtain representatives from all the really important countries in Africa, such as Niger and Ghana. They would meet for a year, spend a budget of one billion dollars, and include it was the fault of the United States and Israel.
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