Tuesday, April 27, 2004

TODAY'S ASTRONOMY LESSON. I read a really interesting article by Rob Moll in Christianity Today called “Finding God in the Heavens”. I know your first thought is, where else would He be? But, Moll does not mean Heaven, he means “Space”, as in the final frontier.

Moll noted that the European space program determined that “methane gas was in the planet's atmosphere, meaning the gas may have been produced by microbial life.” More likely, it was produced by microbial husbands. Even on Mars, men were passing gas long ago. This may, in fact, account for the lack of life on Mars today, as men all over Mars were sleeping on the couch. But you have to hand it to those Europeans. They spent all that money to go to Mars and find what Aggies measured in fields full of cows long ago.

Also, did you know a new planet was discovered? They called it Sedna. It is beyond Pluto, so they should have called it Goofy. Scientists are fascinated by seeing stuff really far away. That is because many of them are really nearsighted. They have to put tape on their glasses to keep their big, heavy lenses from falling out.

One scientist gushed that seeing Sedna tells them what early galaxies look like, and how galaxies change over time. They were excited to find that Sedna wore polyester just like the scientists.

Unfortunately, they named the planet after a pagan Goddess. If they had named it "Jesus", think of the fits that would have been thrown. But, name it after a pagan goddess, and it is ok. That is because no one really believes in pagan goddesses, but they know we really believe in Jesus.

This goddess is the goddess of Arctic dwellers. All four of them.

The estimated temperature of Sedna is minus 400 degrees. That is why they thought the name of an ice goddess would be appropriate. And Hillary Clinton would not let them use her name. That's cold.

Pagan goddessess aside, Moll notes that David got it right in Psalm 19:
The heavens declare the glory of God
The skies proclaim the work of his hands

God made it all, and we are just now finding big parts of it. I do not know what else we will find, but it will declare the glory and majesty of his name.
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