Friday, April 02, 2004

WHAT CAN WE GIVE UP NOW? Spain must be reeling today, and not in the Steely Dan sense. After giving up their government and a stake in Iraq in reaction to the train bombings, Spanish police today found explosives on thier high speed line between Madrid and Seville. I thought people only made that trip to go to the barber, but it turns out tourists and vacationers frequent that line, especially this time of year. Ten trains are stopped on the tracks. Yesterday, three letter bombs were sent to journalists in Madrid.

It is tempting to say "what did you expect?" Obviously, they expected they would be rewarded peace for surrender. That seldom happens. What you get for surrender is further attacks. Show your enemies you are weak, and they are strengthened. It is also tempting to say I told you so. I wonder if any Spaniards read this blog?
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